Vntgpop: L.A. Local Upcoming Brands

Vntgpop started off in 2012 as just a women’s vintage boutique and has evolved into a concept shop / lifestyle brand along with the many capabilities. Although our aesthetic is always evolving our philosophy stays the same.

For us it is all about the experience once you step foot inside. We wanted to create a brand and a space that was a one stop shop with the feel of community. We want to break down the barriers of feeling out of place and intimidated.

A sense of community, a place where interests and creative ideas collide. Our goal is to be that platform for supporting the local and the up and coming brands. Continuously  rotating new brands within the Vntgpop shop. We are all about that plant life because it’s just naturally good for you all around and it adds life to any scenery!

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Written By Pop Annemarie

Photos Provided By Vntgpop

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