Vintage Dresses Perfect For Travel

Who else has spring and summer on the brain a little prematurely this year? Our calendars are booked with travel and adventure, and we are already planning comfortable outfits that represent the cultured, whimsical destinations we will be bringing you this year.

Vintage Neutral By Tivan Boutique

Opened in 2009 in the bohemian enclave of Los Angeles’ Echo Park, TAVIN Boutique is a colorful modern day gypsy caravan of a shop that carries curated vintage clothing, from Victorian era pieces to present day. Most notable is TAVIN’s strong collection of 1960’s and 70’s pieces. We want to stuff our vintage luggage with this dress collection!

Vintage Two-Piece By Tivan Boutique

We love how modern day designers are creating new designs with vintage inspired cuts and themes. Denim is taking a new shape, with skinny jeans warming the bench while vintage styles take the court. The artistic prints that recently took over the runway prove that fashion is an expression. Why lose site of that expression for the sake of comfort when you can have both?

While journeying through long flights and changing climates, it’s nice to throw on one loose, but flattering, piece to make your travel experience comfortable. The right vintage dress collection is the perfect solution to variety, comfort and expression while traveling. We know just the place to stock up.

Jewelry By Paragon Desert

TAVIN is a vintage boutique that provides quality timeless pieces to cuddle up with on your travels. If bold accessories are a part of your expression, you will love Paragon Desert jewelry paired with these TAVIN Boutique looks. Click the links below to shop the collections and start planning your next trip here.

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Written By Joanna Heitz

Photos By Vanessa Gonzalez

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