Vintage Under $30 Challenge

When consignment shopping, what gives us goosebumps is finding vintage gems mixed in with current, modern options. We are all about investing in timeless pieces. But sometimes our wallets enjoy parting with less while we gain a gem or two. The WOMN team set out to find treasures for under thirty dollars at one of our favorite consignment shops, Painted Bird.

Painted Bird in Los Feliz
Painted Bird in Silverlake

As we perused the racks, we noticed the selection felt especially balanced. Both vintage and modern staples adorned every rack. The Painted Bird’s prices are especially alluring. In our experience of vintage shopping over the years, we considered thirty dollars a reasonable goal, but didn’t expect to find so many pieces in exceptional condition.

Zara and Vintage Gucci Under $30
Zara and Vintage Gucci Under $30

Our eyes zeroed in on two pairs of shoes that perfectly complemented our first selection, a vintage 90’s baby doll dress made from 100% linen. It was tough deciding between the Gucci square toe slip-ons and the Zara pointed tie ups. We decided that the 90’s cut paired with the pointed toe offered a more modern, sophisticated rendition of the casual dress. Both pieces added up to $30 total. Happy wallet and happy closet!

90’s Linen Dress and Zara Shoes Under $30

The next finds were perfect for prepping our fall wardrobe. Painted Bird has an eye for vintage tees, which we love pairing with a perfectly fitted blazer. When we laid eyes on a dark olive green DKNY blazer, the bond was instant. We opted to keep the look in the neutral tones and found a white tee to wear under the blazer. Back at the shoe rack, a pair of vintage brown boots sealed the look. Each piece was under thirty dollars.

DKNY Blazer, Vintage Tee and Vintage Boots Under $30
DKNY Blazer, Vintage Tee and Vintage Boots Under $30

The challenge was a great success, and we’re thrilled to have these pieces in our wardrobe! We encourage you to join us in the “Vintage Under $30” challenge. Let us know what you find using #womninspired, or tell us in the comments below. Also, let us know what other challenges you would like to see in future WOMN Weekly posts.

Written by Courtney Jay Biebl and Joanna Heitz

Photos by Anna Vining

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