Style Guide: Virgo

The Virgo is kind of like the night guard of the zodiac. Born with a need to serve the world in one way or another, Virgos are grounded as the earth. Whether they run their own company and serve with goods and services, or whether they are helping a business grow, they are meticulous in attention to detail. This skill gives Virgo the ability to flourish in business.

Top By Echo and Air

This sign is represented by a virgin holding wheat bundles in her hand, so it is no surprise that white, muted hues like indigo, beige and soft primary colors attract Virgo most. The virgin imagery is also a picture of Virgo’s pure and solid beliefs, elegance, and modest humanity towards the world. They love to seek out what will bring them peace with their surroundings, and do so through learning as much truth as possible.


Cuff and Necklace by Sophie Monet

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Styling and Writing By Courtney Jay Biebl

Photos By Felicia Lasala

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