Style Guide: Libra

The Libra is best described as the charmer, the lover, and the social butterfly. They carry themselves with a shining disposition and are full of ideas. Their soothing charm allures even the coldest heart.

Libra is very romantic and builds deep connections through the mind and heart. They have a tendency to flutter away from conflict like the air sign that they are, avoiding harsh words and unkind souls. They ultimately just want balance in their life and like to discuss obtaining that balance with their peers.

Libra is drawn to pastels like pinks, blues and yellows. These hues specifically make them feel playful and fun while standing out in a crowd – where a Libra thrives.

The Looks: NyLaurent & Vintage Habit

Styling and Writing By Courtney Jay Biebl

Photos By Felicia Lasala

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