Style Guide: Leo

As a fire sign, Leo is straightforward, loves to speak their opinion and share stories. At home performing on the stage, Leo loves to laugh as much as they love others joining in with them. Symbolized by the lion, this dichotomous sign is aggressive and overbearing at times, but one of the most warmhearted people you’ll meet. Leo is protective of their loved ones, adept at providing for them, and confident in their abilities.


Ruled by the sun, this dynamic sign exudes energy and the drive to learn through adventurous experiences. A Leo comes alive in red tones and shades of gold, as their divided nature is both calmed and ignited by these hues.  

Styling and Writing By Courtney Jay Biebl

Photos By Felicia Lasala

Clothing by: Flynn Skye

Jewelry By: Avilla Jewelry


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