Style Guide: Capricorn

Our founder stepped out from behind the scenes and in front of the lens to represent the Capricorn, an earth sign dear to her heart … and birth certificate.

What an honor to represent everything I love about being a Capricorn. While I don’t think we are solely defined by the traits of our birth months, there are undeniable parallels to my personality and the nature of a Capricorn. Finding balance amidst the passionate tendencies of this earth sign has been a life-long journey, as I’m sure my fellow Caps can understand.

Neutrals and earth tones that blend into the surrounding environment cloak a Capricorn’s pensive, intuitive nature. Loose, flowing materials soften their headstrong and stringent moments. Patterns ignite the fierce love a Capricorn has for their family and friends.
In the same way a cat has nine lives, a Capricorn has nine hearts. They always land on their feet and survive situations others might not walk away from unscathed. A Capricorn is resilient, willing to replace those who hurt them when necessary, while never losing the ability to love fully the special people who deserve it.
A Cap’s bold, direct nature can feel abrasive at times, but it holds the power to change lives. They can be cautious in the need to assess a plan from start to finish, a trait often mistaken for mistrust, though invaluable in the career world. Because of this ability to thoroughly plan before taking assertive action, a Capricorn is a force to be reckoned with in the workplace. Whether it’s success in their careers, or devotion to loved ones, you don’t want to mess with the treasures close to a Capricorn’s heart.
Clothing provided by Crossroads Trading
Written by Joanna Heitz
Photos by Felicia Lasala
Styling by Courtney Jay Biebl

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