Style Guide: Cancer

 Cancer Zodiac

  Anyone who has known or loved a Cancer is well aware of her deeply emotive nature. This water sign is perfectly represented by the symbolism of the ocean depths. She is ruled by the moon, highly intuitive and maternal. When you see a Cancer in pastels that echo the ocean and its shore, an aura about her comes alive. Sea green, blue, white, and pops of orange that mimic the coral beneath the blue water are her primary colors.

Cancer Zodiac

A good picture of Cancer’s general approach to life is her symbol, the crab. Her presence is hard to miss, but she will retreat behind the rocks for moments of introspection. Once Cancer is feeling safe and restored again, she’ll be back out with claws up, fierce and ready to take on life.

Cancer Zodiac

Photos by Felicia Lasala

Styling and Writing by Courtney Jay Biebl

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