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For Love of the Moon is my curated assortment of vintage and handmade clothing intended for the free-spirited, the travelers, and for those who appreciate one-of- a-kind quality. It’s also the name of my own handmade label. I personally source vintage or recycled/scrap fabric to create something beautiful out of something forgotten. Kimonos, tops, and caftans are all handmade by me from vintage Indian silk, recycled lace, and cotton. I also do personal styling and shopping for my customers, creating invaluable relationships for which I’m very grateful.

Years ago when I was living in Brooklyn, I loved the spontaneity and energy of New York. During this time, my (now) husband and I talked about the idea of having fewer material items, fresher air, the space to become more self-sustaining, with consistent access to quality food. We eventually decided to quit our jobs and sell just about everything we owned to travel. Our goal was to test out this idyllic future we’d planned in our heads.

And we did! We traveled for several months in Italy, learning on farms from the farmers who were living the life we had in mind. It was magical. We made homemade jam from the extra lemons overtaking the lemon trees. We fed and played with the gaggle of goats and chickens. We sweat in the hot sun building a bee house, and didn’t shower for days. We slept in a caravan at the base of an active volcano in Sicily, and ate blood oranges straight off of the trees until our hands turned red. The idea of simplistic living and being self-sustaining resonated so deeply with us.

While we traveled, I’d basically put the shop on hold. Once I landed back in the states, I had a whole new perspective on offering an alternative to the typical consumer mindset of buying and throwing away. There are so many already existing beautiful pieces of clothing in the world. Buying vintage is essentially recycling clothing.

For Love of the Moon is bringing in outside brands this year, expanding beyond clothing, so my customers can have a trustworthy space to shop lifestyle, skincare and beauty. I personally vet each product I carry to ensure it’s up to my standards: works well, is good for you, is good for the environment, and has quality ingredients. I’m stoked about the future of For Love of the Moon, and continuing to grow my message. If we all do a little every day, with every purchase, we can use our power as consumers to force change.

I was pleased to spend a day shopping with WOMN and showing you my curated selection process. L.A. offered up many gems, a few of which I highlighted.

Rainbow Bag (Worship LA)

This is the perfect colorful, summer carry-all. I usually carry everything- water bottle, some snacks, my computer, my Italian text book, an extra layer, yadda-yadda – in my bag, so this one can definitely hang with me. Plus, the rainbow! Despite my colorful shop, most days I’m in dirty denim and a white tee, so a bit of color is welcomed.

This bag feels like the 60’s to me, so I’m giving it a story from the 60’s in my mind. And now I’m really regretting that I didn’t buy it! It’d be beautiful against a crisp, white V-neck with light-wash Levi’s and good old wooden clogs.

Peach Kimono (Worship LA)

I believe this kimono is from the 1940’s as well. Two peach kimonos from the 40’s – how random! The beading on this one is what made me fall in love. Intact beading from so many decades ago is rare.

This piece would be beautiful belted over a cream slip and paired with killer heels for a summer wedding or cocktail party. Slouchy, comfortable, and one-of-a-kind. Who wants to walk into a party wearing the same dress as another girl? Not me!

Panama Hat + Pants (Passenger)

These two handmade pieces together make me feel like I should be on a boat off the coast of Sardinia. 

My husband bought me a super beautiful straw hat for my birthday a few summers ago, and it lives on my head from June until September. It’s such a good investment to buy a quality hat. Not just for fashion, but to provide crucial shade for your face on a day in the sun.

These pieces, paired together with a little black bikini top and some Birkenstocks, are summer personified in an outfit. Cool enough to wear in the sun all day, and casual enough to pair with an oversized cotton white button-up for a sunset aperitivo. Che bello!

Accessories (Space Dust)

Whenever I go out for a quick wine or coffee, I loathe carrying around my giant carry-all bag. I much prefer to just have the essentials:  phone, credit card and ID. This little clutch wallet is perfect for holding just a few things.

And a lapis necklace! I cannot resist. This one looks like many of the Afghani necklaces I’ve spotted lately, which are becoming super popular (as they should be!) This necklace would be beautiful layered on top of chunky, gold pendants. With a statement necklace, I tend to shy away from layering other jewelry, but I always love it when I see other women do it.

Written By Laura Terranova

Photos By Anna Vining and Courtney Jay Biebl

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