Presents With A Purpose

Each passing year brings with it the thrill of the holidays approaching. This time also marks a challenging season for those in need.

The team at WOMN compiled our list of top items given to loved ones during the holiday season. Our editors selected three companies that offer products we love, with missions that tackle the problems faced by developing parts of the world. With these companies, making your holiday purchases intentional is as easy as the click of a button. We think that this year, you’ll find yourself bringing cheer to a friend, along with a smile to a stranger in need.

Sackcloth & Ashes

Purpose: Comfort & Warmth – A “Buy One, Give One” deal that provides warmth to the recipient of your choice, and a homeless stranger.

The founder of this amazing textile company contacted homeless shelters and learned that their number one need is blankets. With every purchase, they provide a blanket to a homeless shelter near your zip code. Their designs, quality and prices put them at the top of our Presents with a Purpose list.


Hand in Hand Soaps

Purpose: Cleanliness – A cleanliness initiative for children around the world.

Simple hand washing is a contributor to human longevity that is absent in many developing parts of the world. The founders of Hand in Hand Soaps curated environmentally-friendly beauty and cleanliness products. With each purchase, they provide one month of clean water and one bar of soap to a child in need. Their selection includes candles, lip balm, fragrances, hand soap, bar soap, lotion and sugar scrubs. They wrap each gift in beautiful packaging, topped with a “Give Sash” as a token of appreciation for your impact on the world.


Out of Print

Purpose: Literacy – Full-circle support for authors, publishers, artists and communities in need.

This brand provides a wide, curated selection of designs that speak to the literature lover, and include a unique Edgar Allen Poe scarf. Out of Print provides beautiful clothing, along with home and fashion accessories. “Book Mail” is their monthly box subscription that sends members a new selection of books each month. Your purchase supports literacy programs, and enables book donations for communities in need. It also directly supports the author, publisher, and artist who created the product.

Writing by Joanna Heitz

Photos provided by Companies

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