Mid Century Secrets

Stepping into Morgan’s horizon home, I have either teleported into the heart of 1963 or the set of a Quentin Tarantino film. It is instantly apparent why her friends call her Miss Midcentury, a name that defines Morgan’s style and Instagram persona. The entire house is a work of art. This home is an effortlessly chic homage to a beloved decade, proof of a well-known dichotomy: some trends are timeless. Using history to aestheticize the future brings value and meaning to style in a way that few other fusions evoke. Amidst the intentional execution of a showroom- every piece restored like new- I still want to curl up on the avocado and marigold sofa with David Foster Wallace.

The house is a three bedroom, two bath open floor plan with a large living room and kitchen overlooking both a dining and sitting room. Each space is unique, yet cohesively filled with everything that resurrects the mid century. Morgan begins explaining the home’s functionality. “What’s especially great is that the house’s exterior is thick stone, so that’s really the only insulation necessary. It keeps the heat in during the winter, and out during the summer.” It occurs to me that the pleasantly cool atmosphere in the home belies the 88 degree Southern California day outside.

The tour continues to the kitchen, arranged like an artfully organized Pyrex shop. The walls of the room are a delicate display of bowls and cookware, livening the dark space with pops of gold and periwinkle. Morgan’s Pyrex collection is so popular that she regularly hosts sales for buyers who stop by multiple times each day.

Morgan’s pieces are available on her Instagram page while the finishing touches are completing her online store. Some tips for your shopping: 1. Simple hues and clean lines can establish a solid core for any room. Morgan and Andrew started with a base pallet of dark wood and stone walls, which gave each room an immediate throwback vibe. 2. Find a patterned or striped chair to accent the room with a mod element. Maintain simplicity in the rest of the room, in keeping with midcentury minimalism. With this style, less is more. 3. Use vintage wood pieces as focal points. Morgan displays her grandmother’s mahogany sewing case as the centerpiece in one room, and a hutch that she and Andrew pieced together themselves in another room. The key here is in restoring these wood elements to their original shine. 4. Invest in vintage art. Like Morgan, you can personalize your vintage style by selecting pieces that express your own taste and what retro means to you.

Photos by Anna Vining

Written by Lauren Bieker and Beth Caster


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