Making Vintage Treasures Your Own

This week, we came across a Mexican blanket that was given new life in the 70’s as a knockout dress. The length and cut are flattering to any height, and the chevron of hues is perfect for all skin tones.


The only problem? The style of the collar on the dress.

MD Collar with thumb

Have you ever come across a fantastic vintage find only to turn it over and see a flaw or quirk relegating it to the discard bin? Often, what seems like a deal-breaker at first glance only needs a bit of creativity and a small adjustment to make a huge difference.

If this dress had been in less capable hands, it would probably still be wasting away on a flea market rack somewhere. Our stylist knew exactly what it needed. She envisioned the collar with a simple button fastening at the neck. That change transformed this fabulous dress from colorful but shabby to chic and sophisticated.

MD Side View

By adding a single button, the new neckline blended the lines of a Cheongsam Chinese dress with the vibrant patterns of a Mexican blanket. It only took five minutes and five dollars to bring this dress back to life in 2016.

More often than not, incorporating vintage finds into your home and wardrobe will involve modernizing the item in some way. These little adjustments put your style fingerprint on the piece and meld it with the present.

MD Floating

Rather than shy away from your creativity, we challenge you:  Go for it!

Written by Beth Caster

Photos by Efrain Robles and Courtney Jay Biebl

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