Cast Iron For Future Generations

What is fall without a cast iron skillet? Our editors could not be more obsessed with this home essential:  a vintage, American skillet with a modern twist. The timeless quality, along with the non-toxic and eco-friendly design, tugs at our old-meets-new heart strings.

Field Company, the creators behind this cast iron skillet, kept ergonomics and quality in mind. They wanted their skillet to be handed down through generations. The brand was born with the question, “Why don’t they make them like they used to?” With over $1.6 million raised in their Kickstarter campaign, it was apparent that the rest of the world would like the answer to this question.

The Field Company team went on a mission to reinvent the vintage cast iron skillet passed down from their parents. It started with finding a foundry that could produce the smooth, non-pebbly, thin pan. They also use recycled iron in their castings, and do not incorporate any chemicals or engineered coatings in the pan.

The Field Skillet is designed to improve the more it is used, which sounds like a no-brainer addition to our kitchens. This company understands the importance of timeless quality, and its encouragement to slow down and do things right so we can revel in the joy of time well-spent.

Written by Joanna Heitz

Photos by Field Company

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