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“Nude he calls it, not naked.” This was not the direction I thought the writer was going when I opened the book of short stories to page 185. The image she was describing included what looked like a naked woman in a window. As I turned each page, the painting came alive in a description that would make any reader’s mind run wild.

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In Sunlight Or In Shadow

As I enjoyed the feel of turning pages while on my digital detox quest, I found myself experiencing the simple joy of looking through creative captions paired with imagery. Every few pages housed a new painting that looked like a snapshot of a real life event. The pages following included each author’s depiction of what had taken place over years, as they unfolded the stories behind the paintings. A few authors with stylistic reputations, such as Stephen King, pleasantly surprised me with their take on each of Edward Hopper’s paintings. Inside the cover was a brilliant compilation of modern day narratives of vintage paintings from the 1920’s.

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“A Woman In The Window” by Joyce Carol Oates

This was always Edward Hopper’s goal. To reflect his vision of modern day America. How fitting to put a narrative behind his famous realist style.

If you are like us and sometimes want to pick up a book without dedicating time to a long story, this is one you will love. Each short story draws you into climactic scenery, and some include surprising endings. This is a book to pick up for your next digital detox, during travels, or simply a Saturday afternoon with your favorite beverage. If you get the pleasure of reading In Sunlight or In Shadow, make sure you let us know what you think of “The Story of Caroline.”

Review by Joanna Heitz

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