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It’s pretty heavy to consider the reality that the average life expectancy was once only forty years. Those in their thirties would be in their last decade of existence. And teenagers would be at their adult prime!

We were skeptical about a celebrity’s thoughts on longevity. Living in Los Angeles, the concept of aging looks much different than it does in other parts of the world. We can purchase forms of longevity, or even inject it into our faces. Our skepticism was so great that we had our entire team read this book before reviewing it as a group.

Our Founder was the first one to finish reading The Longevity Book by Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bark. She found herself unable to put it down, devouring every page during a round-trip flight. Our Creative Director was next to finish the book, proclaiming that she now knew what to gift every important female in her life for birthdays and holidays. 

In a nutshell, we think every woman should read this book.


During a conversation about beauty products, our Founder mentioned how proud she is of the creases that form around her eyes when she smiles. Growing up with a vibrant mother, five aunts and a grandmother with more sass and class than a spicy margarita, the memories that stand out most are moments when these influential women gathered together and belly laughed so hard they were crying. That much laughter does not come without a few creases. The same creases certain beauty products are designed to eliminate. At WOMN, we consider these lines proof of a life peppered with pure joy.

The fact that we can grow old enough to look old, in droves, is far from a failure. It happens to be the end product or arguably the biggest success story in human history.

The authors of Longevity explain this sentiment perfectly. “The fact that we can grow old enough to look old, in droves, is far from a failure. It happens to be the end product or arguably the biggest success story in human history.” They add a rare concept in our culture, stating, “Beauty appreciates, not depreciates. It grows, not fades. With age, I have developed a more nuanced understanding of what beauty really is. Beauty is not just something you are born with. Beauty is something you grow into.”

Beauty is something you grow into.

Before we lose the beauty product-loving readers, stay with us for a moment. This is not a beauty product shaming book by any means. In its own words, it simply “reframes the way women talk about aging.” It takes women on a journey from Cleopatra’s beauty regimen in 70 B.C. to recent years where the medical industry finally requires studies with actual, real-life women to determine proper dosage prescriptions. The Longevity Book reminds us that life is a gift, that reaching the age where experience shows on our faces is an honor. It guides us through proper care that starts from within, encouraging a lifestyle that reflects beauty in the form of health and compassion.

Reframes the way women talk about aging.

One of our favorite sections is Chapter 9: “Brick House” which discusses building a stronger body with food, fitness and rest. Another section details the dangers of inflammation, and better food choices that fight disease. This book reads like a page-turner that brings the reader into one woman’s personal life, while combatting our universal experience of competitive, unrealistic standards. It’s an encouragement to band together with fellow lady friends and celebrate the beauty of aging in a time where we can enjoy the gift of longer life.

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