Life Saving Beauty Regiment

Indie Lee was a carefree New Yorker when she received the diagnosis. A rare brain tumor would likely end her life within six months.

After receiving a prognosis that would debilitate most people, Indie instead did something amazing. She immediately threw herself into research, discovering a shocking truth. There was almost certain likelihood that her tumor was fueled by environmental toxins.

What exactly did this mean? Our polluted world is fraught with unavoidable chemicals, ingested each day during routine acts such as a car ride. What startled Indie most was not the realization of the toxins around us, but rather the ones we willingly use daily. Through her research, she uncovered that some of the most harmful chemicals to our bodies are hiding in common personal care products. The steps Indie had taken for years to responsibly care for her body- cleansing, moisturizing, maintaining a basic beauty regime- had contributed to shortening her life.

It was a stunning revelation.

Indie decided then and there to turn her devastating diagnosis into her life mission, immersing herself in discovering the safest ingredients for the body’s largest organ. The result is an unparalleled skincare line free of toxins, chemicals, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and artificial fragrances. Limiting ingredients actually increased the ability of these innovative products to address diverse skin issues. Indie’s line tackles everything from the first signs of aging to the battle against breakouts.

This amazing skincare line offers a bevy of safe, natural ways to not only care for your skin, but to increase longevity. To get started on the road to detoxification, we recommend three of Indie’s best-sellers for a simple, daily routine:

Brightening Cleanser

We love this antioxidant-rich cleanser! Infused with the scent of strawberry oil, it can be used to remove makeup at night, and as a refreshing cleanser each morning. Not only does it leave skin ridiculously soft, it also incorporates a crucial benefit that Indie could not overlook:  It can be used to clean makeup brushes. (Why counteract toxins in your skincare while allowing them to hide in the brushes you use every day?!)

COQ-10 Toner

Following up with a toner after cleansing is an effective, often overlooked step. Indie’s alcohol-free formula includes the renowned antioxidant CoQ-10 to improve skin’s texture and fight premature aging. The addition of Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid allow the toner penetrate the visible layers of freshly cleansed skin, adding essential moisture for a luminous look.

Squalane Facial Oil

This powerful oil is derived from olives, and extremely effective at combatting hyper-pigmentation. For sufferers of breakouts, oil is often an avoided beauty aid to avoid. Not so with Squalane, which is non-comedogenic and helps boost elasticity for any skin type. Finishing your daily routine with this wonder oil takes just minutes and leaves skin with a flawless, dewy glow.  

Written By Beth Caster

Photos Provided By Indie Lee

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