A Barn Fit For A Chef

   The kitchen is a place where most people either feel overwhelmed or at peace in its creative outlet. When we think of a kitchen, all the necessities come to mind:  Fridge, stove, sink, counter-tops, cupboards. If you could dream up the perfect kitchen where you would feel at peace, what would it look like? Where would it be? What would you cook?
For Teighan Gerard, the kitchen is the ultimate place of fantasy and creation. Growing up in Colorado with a large, extroverted family – five brothers and a sister! While her siblings were out braving the harsh mountain weather to play sports, she found her outlet indoors. With her family’s support, she began creating the work of art that is her food blog, Half Baked Harvest. The name stems directly from her environment and how she feels, along with the harvest of cooking ideas that inspire her throughout the four seasons.
   Not only is Tieghan a talented chef and food blogger, she also makes her cooking magic in a renovated barn that doubles as her home and photography studio. Since barns have been used to manufacture a myriad of foods throughout history, it’s a fitting location for her timeless and unique recipes.

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