Unplug In Paradise

It’s no secret that the Caribbean is world-renown for stunning vacation spots. To rank Caneel Bay as one of its finest is a lofty label. One look at the resort’s breath-taking surroundings and five star accommodations confirms that it is the ideal tropical destination.

Laurance Rockefeller discovered the resort’s acreage while vacationing amidst the beautiful Virgin Islands National Park. He was determined to create a getaway that would not only compliment the setting, but live in harmony with its natural environment. The flurry of activity typical to most resorts is absent at Caneel Bay, replaced by a tone of serenity that doesn’t seem to exist anywhere else. Stress vanishes in this atmosphere, perhaps swept away by the cerulean waters of the surrounding beaches.

Since the day the resort opened its doors in 1956, it has remained faithful to Laurance Rockefeller’s vision of minimalist luxury in a striking setting. The hotel is accessible only by boat, amidst beaches widely considered the best in the world. Guest rooms are free of telephones and televisions. It is also home to one of only a handful of marine habitats in the U.S. National Park System. Abundant wildlife and coral reefs teeming with underwater creatures coexist peacefully with Caneel Bay, undisturbed by the resort that seems like an extension of the landscape. Turtles and dolphins freely roam among the guests who are lucky enough to experience this unparalleled Caribbean resort.





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Photos by Efrain Robles

Written by Beth Caster

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