Topanga Canyon Tipi

Tipis were originally designed to accommodate the nomadic lifestyle. A dwelling place that can be disassembled and transported, its design allows warmth during cooler seasons and shade during the summer. It makes sense that such a versatile design is still relevant today.

The owner of this Topanga Canyon tipi grew up near a small Native American reservation in Canada. To this day, she remains close with her childhood friends, and adorns her tipi with the authentic artifacts they ship to her.

Tipi Interior

Location is everything when it comes to planning your stay in a tipi. Air conditioning and heating are considered luxuries when it comes to braving the great outdoors. For us city dwellers, fresh Topanga Canyon air is a luxury all its own. There’s nothing more restful than being lulled into a deep sleep by the sounds of nature. Combined with the rejuvenation of waking up to crisp morning air, it’s an incomparable reset button for your system.

Tipi Interior

The beauty of this tipi is that it’s not the full on “roughing it” experience of camping.  It’s a vacation focused on nature, yet fully equipped with modern comforts such as electricity. It allows you to decide whether to totally unplug for the weekend, or remain somewhat connected. Andrea Orbeck and Tate Ammon’s tipi is equipped with heaters and WiFi, along with welcoming decor and stylish rugs. Visitors are greeted by a cheese tray and bottle of wine. Mornings also include homemade pancakes and fresh coffee in the main house.
The tipi sits near a Topanga State Park trailhead, just minutes from the town center where you can shop vintage stores and markets. The canyon is less than an hour from Los Angeles and about thirty minutes from the beach.

Tipi Interior

From our experience, finding the right modern day tipi is either a hit or miss. If you want a guaranteed great experience, you should book your next trip here.

Tipi Exterior/Patio

Photos by Renee McMahon

Written by Beth Caster

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