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A common statement among the WOMN team is, “People travel differently today. They want to experience something outside of their element.” The interesting truth about this statement is that travel trends have come full circle. Travel time, conditions and accommodations may have drastically improved, but the experience people are seeking isn’t actually new.

Today’s destination market is widely consumed by the searching traveler. People look for experiences that provide a glimpse into another culture or time period. They find comfort and excitement in fully submerging themselves in someone else’s life. Travelers search to understand the past by temporarily living in a time that paved the way for their future. We love finding properties that blend this olden way of life with today’s luxuries.

You should know about an upcoming travel site that puts these efforts at the forefront of their properties. With whimsical and historical rentals available now and a lover’s treehouse on the way, Venture Yours knows the way to the searching traveler’s heart. We were curious what inspired the couple behind these unique spaces. Owner and designer, Linda Pena, sat down with us to share their inspiring story.

The Gypsy Wagon – Joshua Tree, CA

We love your properties! What inspired you to create Venture Yours?

Traveling has really been the biggest influence for Venture Yours. We create unique vacation rentals for travelers to experience. Let me give you a bit of backstory:

My husband, Brendan, and I started dating at sixteen, fell hard and got married. We ventured into a year-long honeymoon traveling the world.  On our return, we bought a sailboat in Long Beach, CA and called it home.

A year and a half later, we bought a house but didn’t want to sell the boat, as it was pretty magical.  In an attempt to keep it, I decided to rent out the boat as a vacation rental. Venture Yours was beginning and I didn’t even realize it. I saw potential in the boat, which got my husband and I thinking…  Venture Yours was something I had envisioned in the future (about 10 years out), but different projects continued presenting themselves, and it grew organically sooner than we thought.  I’ve been in the real estate industry for years, since my parents were in the industry and I started as an agent. I have naturally gone in the traveling direction within real estate, and my husband and I love the creativity this job allows.

Venture Yours now has a historic home called Old America in Savannah, GA, and a tiny house called The Gypsy Wagon in Joshua Tree, CA.  We are currently working on a treehouse, Lovers Treehouse, in Crestline, CA. We’re also hoping to collaborate with owners who would like us to manage their vacation rentals.

Old America – Savannah, GA

My husband is a local firefighter and a big part of Venture Yours. He is very much a MacGyver, and likes to figure how we can make things work. He likes seeing the general idea and brainstorming with me over a glass of wine (okay, maybe a couple glasses) on the couch. We continue living in Long Beach, a city that feeds my business. I come across cool people, and it’s really an inspiration to see what others are doing in such an urban city full of uniqueness and diversity.  We have a two-year-old who is full of life and constantly teaching us!  We’re so grateful that this job keeps us traveling. And between a marriage, two working parents and a two-year-old, we’re also grateful to have a large family of support.

The Gypsy Wagon – Joshua Tree, CA

What does “Where Old Meets New” mean to you?

Linda: I love old things – vintage pieces, my grandmas, rocks – and so it makes sense that our first official project was a historic home that was bought accidentally, thus creating Venture Yours.  I like knowing generations and generations have had conversations in the same space I’m sitting in, and I daydream of what was talked about, what was controversial at the time, etc.  I like what history teaches us, and the interior designer in me also likes how the old can live on in new designs.

Brendan: I’m excited about new technology, such as Airbnb, that can make it so streamlined and easy to do something traditional like sharing your house with travelers.  People have been doing that forever. There are so many stories throughout history, and this new technology makes it easy for all parties involved.  It’s the new evolution of where we’re going.

To take a visual tour of Venture Yours’ beautiful properties and to book your stay, click here.

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Photos By Brendan Pena

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