Relaxed Luxury

This Indonesian resort is the epitome of a tropical getaway, complete with luxury water huts and powder-white beaches. Misool Eco Resort is an exclusive diving site and conservation center located in the remote area of Raja Ampat, just south of the equator. One look at this vacation spot reveals a beautiful island hideaway surrounded by pristine coral reefs.

Visitors of Misool Eco Resort directly support numerous conservation initiatives that ensure the protection of its reefs and oceanic ecosystem. Rangers diligently patrol the resort’s “No-Take Zone”, an area in which fishing, netting, shark finning, and harvesting of turtles and turtle eggs have been banned.

If guests of Misool Eco Resort tire of relaxing on the beach, one-of-a-kind experiences are at their fingertips. Village tours, birdwatching cruises, snorkeling, and spa services are just a few island activities provided by the resort.

About an hour’s boat ride from the huts, ancient petroglyphs can be seen at the 5,000 year-old lagoons. Guests can also request a “Romantic Beach Castaway Experience”, which reserves couples a secluded afternoon on one of the resort’s many private beaches. This utopian paradise offers sun, sand, and something for everyone seeking an island getaway.

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Written By Beth Caster

Photos Provided by Green Pearls

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