Conscious Traveler’s Lakeside Retreat

Hotel Speicher am Ziegelsee, an eco-friendly oasis is situated on the quiet waterfront of Lake Ziegelsee in Schwerin, Germany.  Set in a restored 1939 granary, the hotel was previously used for grain storage that supplied the city with bread. The scent of fresh bread that still permeates the air complements the quaint setting, which is just miles from historic sites like the Schwerin train station, Schwerin Palace, and the Mecklenburg State Theatre.

Park des Schweriner Schlosses - public park of the castle

When the granary was converted to a hotel, first-class accommodations weren’t the only consideration. The Hotel Speicher am Ziegelsee is meticulous in its efforts for carbon-neutral sustainability. In 2010, it was certified as the first climate-neutral hotel in the region, equipped with 100% green electric heating and a CO2 calculator for guests. The kitchen uses only bread and vegetables from a nearby organic farm, and serves certified organic coffee and wine. Electric bikes and electric cars are also provided, with twenty charging stations conveniently located at popular tourist destinations in the area.

It’s fitting that such an innovative hotel sprang from a city best described as a fusion of nature and architecture. Beautiful lakes, parks, and forests dot the area, highlighted by historic sites such as the State Museum and the Castle Festival. For anyone seeking a well-rounded experience of Germany’s art and culture, The Hotel Speicher am Ziegelsee is the place to stay.

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Written by Beth Caster

Photos Provided By Green Pearls

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