Hypnotic Morrocan Hotel

Rarely does a place live up to the fantasy, but the vibrant, ancient city of Marrakech is the real deal. Your senses will be overwhelmed by exotic aromas and goods from the famous souks, or markets. A five minute walk to historical Medina is the stunning Riad Be Marrakech hotel.

Riad BE Marrakech Pool by Alexander Schmidjell
First Floor Exterior by Alexander Schmidjell
Lounge by Alexander Schmidjell

Run by a Swiss wife and Moroccan husband, this traditional Moroccan house with an interior courtyard (Riad in Arabic), is a visual feast. Hypnotic Moroccan tiles coat the walls and floors, mixing in vivid traditional patterned pieces that tell a people’s history. Each room is bathed in a monochromatic color scheme that sets the mood and relaxes your mind.

Patio breakfast by Jil Ehrat
Alexander Schmidjell

Your stay includes more than the usual authentic cooking classes. Take part in an open forum with a group of cultural activists/artists, called the Ke’ch Collective, who create a cross-cultural platform through art design. You can donate used books or clothes for the towns’ neediest folks via The Khamsa Project and reload your suitcase with locally handcrafted souvenirs from the Riad Collective store.

Ard Bathroom by Alexander Schmidjell

This city will invade your soul with its electric vibe and enduring culture. Savor every moment in Marrakech.

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Written by Lauren Lanier

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