Handcrafted Jungle Hideaway

When your tag line is, “It began with machetes,” we need to know how the story ends.

Bungalow at Verana

It all started at Verana hotel in Yelapa, Mexico. Local machetes were used to clear the jungle for a space meant for one house. As the description states, “My growth was unplanned. A direction rather than an end point. I came from images and ideas. Like a dream recalled – the pieces became a whole.” This poetic description of Verana’s beginning carries over into its guests’ experiences today.

V House at Verana

One house at a time was hand-built, creating a unique guest experience with each structure. The journey begins with a boat ride to the island, where you are greeted by a friendly staff, and equally friendly mules. After soaking in the relaxation and open floor plan of your guest house, the island welcomes you into a way of life often forgotten.

Verana House Interior

The staff provides panga boat rides, whisking you away to remote islands and hidden beaches. They also give sea-to-table food a whole new meaning, as guests have the option to catch their dinner and bring it back to the kitchen for preparation. Private beach dinners, horseback riding along waterfalls, and star gazing from your private pool are other escapes provided by Verana.

Tea House at Verana

We particularly love the view from the Tea House. You can take in the tropical air while sipping tea by candlelight, continuing the relaxing practice of island life. Every guest house is perfectly designed to meld the indoors with the outdoors, creating a refreshing oasis.

Pool House at Verana

If you recognize the classic A-Frame design of Verana’s V House, the owners created a similar oasis in Yosemite Valley that you probably read about here. Verana’s new season is quickly approaching with an opening date of November 1st. If you are looking for a secluded but accommodating island experience this fall-spring,  we highly recommend this spot for your next adventure.

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Photos provided by Verana

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