Four WOMN Travel C’s

How do you land on a travel destination?  For us, the answer depends on the urge behind the search. If we are opting for a mini getaway that offers a similar environment to our current city, we might decide based on design, and bask in the inspiring surroundings. If we are feeling bored by routine, we definitely want to explore a new culture. No matter what urges you to travel, there is always satisfaction in experiencing a place with historical design. That is why we start our search with “The Four C’s” of Where Old Meets New travel: cottage, cabin, chalet, and castle. (Yes, castle!)

English Cottage – Boutique Homes

We were thrilled to discover a travel site that extensively covers all four C’s. Their options are endlessly breathtaking, booming with history, and paired with modern-day luxuries.

Canadian Cabin – Boutique Homes

You probably know a friend who has stayed in a historical destination. You remember their face vividly as they beamed with excitement leading up to the visit. You heard about every little creak and sound billowing through the weathered structure they stayed in or explored. They likely mentioned how far removed they felt from everyday life as they listened to stories from locals they encountered.

Austrian Chalet – Boutique Homes

History is the gift that never stops giving and growing. It is a story relived and retold a thousand times. The beauty of history with travel? Taking on the energy of a place rich with design and tales of the land.

And who wouldn’t want to pretend they live in a castle for a week?

Irish Castle – Boutique Homes

We recommend slipping on your coziest pajamas, because you’ll be dreaming of these historical destinations.

Written By Joanna Heitz

Photos by Boutique Homes

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