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The gorgeous Relais del Maro in Imperia, Italy embodies vintage charm. Comprised of three buildings dating back centuries, this bed and breakfast has a rich history. The main building that currently houses the reception hall was previously used as a butcher’s shop, where the original “Amoretti Butchers” plaque still hangs.


The nearby buildings have the original 15th century layout that included ground floor stables, and a terrace where hemp was dried for rope-making. When the rooms were converted for guests, the historic buildings were impeccably styled with exposed wood beams and shabby chic decor.


As part of the Green Pearls portfolio, the Relais del Maro is a frontrunner in eco-conscious operations. It strives to promote ecological tourism without neglecting comfort and quality. No matter how small the initiative, if it reduces energy consumption in everyday work, it is likely implemented here. The hotel’s green technologies include solar-thermal and photovoltaic energy. Guests are invited to adopt simple yet significant eco-friendly habits during their stay.


In addition to environmental initiatives, the Relais del Maro is known for a mainstay in authentic Italian experience: amazing food.  Each day, breakfast includes local homemade biscotti, focaccia, and pizza. Nearby farms provide top quality cheeses and cured prosciutto. Jams are made using 100% Ligurian fruit with no preservatives, along with organic juices containing no additives or sugar of any kind.


The daily buffet isn’t the only reflection of the hotel’s care for its guests. The garden and hydro-massage pool are meticulously maintained, designed with ultimate relaxation in mind. Visitors enjoying the outdoor amenities often notice the air quality, a direct byproduct of the hotel’s green initiatives. With all these incentives, anyone planning a trip to Italy would be hard pressed to find better lodging than the Relais del Maro.


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Written By Beth Caster

Photos By Green Pearls

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