Cabin In The Clouds

Discovering this gem will forever raise the bar on your lodging preferences.

A cabin seated in front of a dramatic sky performing every emotion.

Handcrafted Cabin – Pentiction, BC
9pm view out the window
Opened a bottle from Thornhaven winery during the fog performance.

There is no heat in the cabin. The first night was cold and easily remedied with layers. A warm day heated the cabin nicely for our second evening. Keep the doors closed, so the warmth doesn’t escape.

Daytime view and cabin entrance.

The path outside leads to a luxury steam shower and bathroom in the main house. To the right of the cabin is an outhouse. Flashlights and lanterns were provided for evening use.

View from the top of Giants Head Mountain

We highly recommend the drive or hike up Giants Head Mountain. You’ll get a lot of bang for your buck in terms of effort exerted for the views.

First double rainbow over Okanagan Lake

After discovering our favorite winery, thunderstorms pulled back the curtains for two double rainbows.

Second double rainbow over cabin.

Parking and the main house are located behind the cabin. The main house is another work of art designed by the owner. We particularly loved the penny floor in the entryway.

Everything in the cabin is handcrafted by the owner.

Handcrafted cubbies house handmade hangers and fresh well water from the property. Everything is made from reclaimed materials.

View of cabin, Penticton and Okanagan Lake

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Penticton Food and Wine Favorites:

The Nest & Nectar

French press tea blends, homemade sticky buns and the best breakfast sandwiches.

Thornhaven Winery

Free wine tastings. Vineyard and Okanagan Lake views.






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