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Joanna Heitz


How would you describe your style?

For me, fashion is mostly inspired by my disposition. I’m pretty introspective with outfit choices, usually checking my weather app first. I try not to lose sight of comfort. Feeling confident in my clothes helps me achieve my intention for the day. When it comes to color, I’m conscious of which shades lift my spirit and will exude that to others.

What does “Where Old Meets New” mean to you?

For the longest time, I felt like a dichotomy. I’ve always been enthralled by the design and fashion of the past, yet equally attracted to new, surfacing trends. When I realized my tastes don’t fit one category, I searched for inspiration that artfully blends both. It became apparent that the world needs a platform for this fusion.

Where Old Meets New is more than the magic of vintage. It’s about that spark unique to marrying past and present. It’s a feeling of hope that reflects a journey traveled, with so much promise for the future.

Beth Caster

Writer | Editor

My style is more on the classic end of the spectrum. I gravitate toward pieces that will be wearable years from now, and don’t really get into trends. I feel most pulled together at the office in a collar shirt, pencil skirt with heels, hair up. Adding a statement necklace or a bold cuff bracelet is my favorite way to make a simple outfit look intentional.

The thing I most appreciate about being a part of WOMN is getting to translate art into writing. I’m big into words, always have been. Words give voice to imagery. They draw readers into an experience for which they weren’t physically present, on their own terms. I love being able to work with WOMN’s contributing authors to give vintage a modern day voice.